Mar 08 2013

My Mother Prayer

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The “My Mother Prayer” is one of the most consistently heart-touching prayers I have every prayed. This prayer to my Mother who is within me is adapted from a prayer written by Miriam Therese Winter.  She  is a Roman Catholic Medical Mission Sister,  theologian, writer and songwriter (e.g. “Joy Is Like the Rain” (1966), “Knock Knock” (1968), and “Wellspring of Wisdom” (1989)).   I first prayed this prayer in a group of women who gather to study feminist theology and worship the Feminine Divine.

As often as I repeat this prayer, which is several times a day,  it says something new to me every time.  It is as though the phrase that I need most glows with life as I say the words.

“My Mother who is within me. . .” Over the years I have come to feel that God dwells in my heart–not out there or up there  somewhere.   Calling God “my Mother” is still new enough to me that every time I say it is like the first time I said it–a jolt that awakens me and thrills me.

“I celebrate your many names. . .” Writing my book,  Learning a New Language, Speech About Women and God, showed me some of the myriad names that can be used when we speak to God.  Any one of them is a metaphor because we can never know God’s name.  What we can know is that God is so much bigger than the box that we put “him” in. Many names are needed to bring us closer to the Divine.

“your wisdom come…” One of God’s names in the Hebrew Scriptures is Sophia and it is a feminine name. Sophia in Greek means wisdom.  When I pray this phrase I am answering the call of Sophia God.

“your will be done, unfolding from the depths within me…” Since I was in high school I have prayed the words, “Take me and use me.”  Always I meant that  I wanted to be doing what God wanted me to do.  Now that I know she lives in my heart I feel that it is not so much a “taking” as it is a partnership.  Sophia dwells within me and the way I live my life and what I do with it come from the depths where she dwells.

“Each day you give me all that I need…” This phrase is pretty self-evident except that it takes on new life when I am moaning and groaning about something I want (not need) and I don’t get it.  It also illuminates the bounteous goodness of God in providing for me.

You reminds me of my limits…” To be reminded of my limits becomes more and more important as I get older and older.  I grieve over the fact that I can’t clean the whole house, do the laundry, grocery shop  and bake a cake all in the same day like I used to.  I tend to push myself to accomplish too much and I need to be reminded of my limits.  It is also a call to remind me that not everything I want to do needs to be done right then.

You support me in my power and I act with courage…” I need to be reminded that I do have power as a leader in the church.  Sometimes it takes courage to appreciate myself and my abilities.  Many times it takes courage to be an advocate for feminine language for God.

“For you are the dwelling place within me…” Another time I will write more about Sophia dwelling within me. It is enough to say here that her presence in my heart makes her more real to me than God in heaven was.

“the empowerment which surrounds me…” This phrase goes along with supporting me in my power and giving me courage.  It is good to feel that all around me is power that belongs to God and is available to me if I only embrace it.

“and the joy which fills me…” Usually I feel joy while  sitting at my dining room table early in the morning praying and being grateful for the beauty and promise of a new day.  But some days this phrase meets me after a poor night’s sleep or a day’s activity  coming up that I would rather avoid.  Then it is good just to say it and sometimes just saying it  makes the joy pour in.

“Amen.” So be it!  So be it as you use this prayer to answer Sophia’s call to you.  So be it as you feel her Divine Presence in  your heart.




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