Feb 28 2012

Tansvaginal Ultrasound and Aristotle

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The Virginia State Legislature and those of several other states that have a law mandating transvaginal ultrasounds before all abortions probably don’t realize that they are clinging, in the 21st century, to logic that was proposed in the 4th century by Aristotle. He wrote, “It is the best for all tame animals to be ruled by human beings. For this is how they are kept alive. In the same way, the relationship between the male and the female is by nature such that the male is higher, the female lower, that the male rules and the female is ruled.’ Aristotle, Politica, ed. Loeb Classical Library, 1254 b 10-14.

Therefore, men should make all the important decisions. There is no way to tell what Aristotle would have said about TVU but mandating it it fits right in with his understanding of the inferiority of women. A concept which some male legislators heartily endorse, not only endorse but enact into law. The men in the Virginia state legislature passed a bill that requires a woman to have a transvaginal ultrasound before she can have an abortion. Governor Bob McConnell said it is a good law because it gives a woman information before she decides to have an abortion. That’s why men alone should not be making decisions about women’s choices. The governor has not a clue about the emotions and the thoughts that a woman who needs it terminates a pregnancy goes through.
Part of the law requires that the woman look at the pictures from the ultrasound. The men say they want to know the gestational age of the fetus. What they really want and hope for is that an emotionallly driven woman will look at the fetus and see a human being and be moved to spare its life. They want women to be intimidated into rejecting an abortion. Aristotle would love that–a woman can’t make a decision based on logic so appeal to her emotions. Evidence indicates that women forced to see the ultrasound images opt to teminate the pregnancy anyway. So much for the 21st century men who want to ccontrol women based on a 4th century logic.

Since I wrote this blog the Virginia Legislature has delayed action on the law. Their retreat is due the uproar from women and the press. We need to keep that uproar loud to prevet further enfringement on women’s rights.

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