Sep 03 2011

The Power of Intention

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The Power of Intention is the title of  one of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s many books. I discovered it at a Barnes and Noble store where I spend much time.  I was sitting at one of the little tables on the edge of the Starbucks store when I spotted, not the title or the author, but  the beautiful cover of this book.  It is only the second book in my whole life that has attracted me by its cover. The other book was Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer by Gregg Braden.  I don’t usually purposely  select such books as these two, but they are beautifully  designed and could not be ignored.

As I read the introduction to The Power of Intention I was disappointed at the description because it sounded like a rerun of Norman Vincent Peale’s book, The Power of Positive Thinking, which was popular in the 1950s, I think.  But I read on because each page is a different color and illustrated with bright drawings.  As it turned out the book holds much wisdom and my spirit has been enriched by it.  In fact, it has so enriched my spirit that I am reading through it devotionally for a second time.

This morning I came on two passages that disturb me–two passages that I think shouldn’t apply to women.  One of them is a section titled “A sense of humility.”  He says that when  you embrace the active side of infinity (his description of God is Infinity, Source, Intention) you are looking at something so enormous that your little ego will be dwarfed.  My firm belief is that women, most women, don’t need to have their egos dwarfed!  Too many times the world as it is dwarfs a woman’s ego.  The constant reminders that fill our society are that women are second to men.  That in order to succeed a woman needs to be more like a man. If anything, women need a Source that reassures them that they are as vital to the ongoing operation of this universe as men are.

The second passage that bothered me followed the one on humility.  It is titled “A sense of generostiy.”  Dr. Dyer writes, “The more you give of yourself, no matter now little, the more you open the door for life to pour in.” He says that a person owes in infinite amounts because the Source is infinite.  I believe with my whole heart and soul that the Source is infinite and infinitely generous, but I can’t think that the way women are used by bosses, husbands, children, churches, governments and all manner of groups, can be defined as generosity.

In order to be healthy, women need to say no to the kind of humility that belittles their gifts and strengths and say no to the kind of giving that drains their bodies and  souls.





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