May 27 2011

From Heaven to My Heart

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My newly published book, From Heaven to My Heart, God’s Journey With Me, could  be classified as  “memoirs.” But I would label it instead a “spiritual autobiography.” Memoirs belong to famous people, people who have been big players in the course of world events.  If the events of my life are interesting to people who don’t know me, it is because they are interested in the experience of living life with God. I’ve not done things that made me famous. What I have done is write a prayer almost every day of my life for more than thirty years.

This book contains some of those prayers, commentary on them,  quotes from the Bible and from other books on prayer that have enriched  my spiritual journey. My journey started from a place where I was asking God for things, basically telling Her what was best for any one for whom I prayed.  The journey has not ended yet, but by the end of the book, From Heaven to My Heart, it became apparent  that prayer for  me is fellowship with God.

An editor who wrote the text for the back cover of the book says:

“Beverly’s transparency about her own spiritual journey not only enlightens but also encourages, sharing the message that even the devout encounter moments of difficulty in their faith. Through those difficulties arise inspiration, insight, wisdom—and faith in an everlasting, benevolent creator. Whether you are interested in beginning a journey with God, or seeking encouragement to continue, From Heaven to My Heart will become a valued companion.”

I am always happy to personalize and sign copies of my book so if you want me to  do  that for you just send me a comment.  Otherwise the book is available from and from Barnes  and

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