May 30 2011

Freedom Has a Price

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Driving by a church on my way to the bookstore on this Memorial Day holiday, I read this on their streetboard: Freedom Has a Price. I believe they are right!  Freedom does have a price, but it is a price that is paid not only by military personnel on a battlefield somewhere in the world. It seems to me that this phrase is used only in relationship to our soldiers who are or have been in the past on the battlefield.  It says, in essence that the only way we have freedom in the United States of America is if we have men and women wreaking havoc on people of other nations.

That is where I have a problem.  The price of freedom is not only paid on the battlefield. It is paid by citizens who are informed on the matters facing our nation; it is paid by all  citizens who vote in all elections; it is paid by people who defend and work for effective education in public schools; it is paid by volunteers who work with people who are marginalized by many forces.

The price of freedom is the invovlement of every citizen in the well being of the vast community that is the United States of America.

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